Wheel of Life (2015)


Praise for the album:

"Piano and keys on fire throughout the album, Bridgman again emerges as one of the finest pianists/keyboardists/multi-instrumentalists around in our genre." --The Smooth Jazz Ride

"Contemporary music at its finest" --Indiemunity

"as good as it gets." --bebop spoken here


1.  Spiral Staircase

2.  Wheel of Life

3.  Swingtown

4.  Planar Texture for Gloria

5.  Kickin' It

6.  Prismatic

7.  Black Orpheus (L. Bonfa)

8.  Gravitation

9.  Cantaloupe Island (H. Hancock)

10.  Summer in December


Evenings on the Coast (2014)


This album grew out of many evenings spent playing piano in a small city on the California coast, while the sun went down over the keys.  It features contemporary jazz with an upbeat yet relaxed mood, influenced by dance, new age, and classical music.


CD’s and MP3’s are available at iTunes, Amazon, and wherever music is sold.


1.  Skyline

2.  Taking It Downtown

3.  Meeting Place

4.  Sandy Paradise

5.  As the Day Unfolds

6.  Staying Ahead

7.  Evenings on the Coast

8.  Among the Stars

9.  In Motion

10.  Walk in the City

11.  Falling Leaves

12.  Cooking It Up

13.  Pushing the Limits


Forest Vision (2012)


This album contains relaxing ballads, several uptempo songs, and a gentle, nature-inspired feel throughout.  The Smooth Jazz Ride has described this album as offering “tasteful, subdued easy sounds to coax away the tensions of the day...[Nicholas struts uptempo] material with authority and definition.”  Read the full review here.


Available at iTunes, Amazon, and Facebook.  Or, before you buy, download FREE samples at my Noisetrade page.


1.  Forest Vision

2.  Waiting for Dawn

3.  Push

4.  Hopeful Paths

5.  Reunion

6.  Dark Eyes

7.  Morning

8.  Where the River Runs

9.  Light as a Feather

10.  Yesterday’s Travels