My short fiction has appeared in The Headlight Review, Ginosko Literary Journal, Please See Me, Indiana Voice Journal, and Pilcrow & Dagger.
Ginosko Fall 2021 Cover.jpg
Short Stories

"The Central String" (published Fall 2021 in Ginosko Literary Journal, pp. 33-37)

A man cannot appreciate his parents' love until life experience changes his perspective, so that he understands love is the central string to which everything around it resonates.

"Sylmar" (published Winter 2020 in Please See Me)


A mental patient is obsessed with his ever-impending discharge from a state hospital to a step-down facility in Sylmar, but things do not go entirely as he expected when he makes it there.

"To Know" (published June 2016 in Indiana Voice Journal)

A brief meditation on dying involving a yoga teacher.

The Passion of Jazz and Other Short Stories (A free e-book)

This collection of my short stories delves into finding beauty and love in unexpected places, including when young classical musicians develop a passion for jazz and for each other, vacations to the Grand Canyon and Ireland go horribly wrong, a grandfather sends his grandson a gift from beyond the grave, and a man with schizophrenia finds himself incarcerated.  Available as a free download at Smashwords, in the e-book format of your choice.

"Grandfather's Gift" (published Oct. 2015 in Pilcrow & Dagger)

A short story about the extremes it sometimes takes for us to appreciate the gifts we have.