Jazz Pianist and Composer

I perform and compose contemporary jazz, as well as some classical music.  I make music that is both relaxing and energizing, easy to listen to yet full of melodic and harmonic sophistication.  I am classically trained, having studied with pianist Gloria Cheng and composer Miguel del Aguila.  I am influenced by classical, new age, and folk music, and inspired by Bill Evans, Chick Corea, and Herbie Hancock.
Latest News:
December 2016: Collection of sheet music released

I released a collection of fake charts for all my original songs from my latest three albums.  Perfect for musicians who want to explore my contemporary and mainstream jazz originals.  Available at Amazon for $12.99.

2015: Wheel of Life released

My latest album, Wheel of Life, was released in November, 2015.  It features upbeat yet relaxing contemporary jazz. The album brims with the energy of fun, smooth grooves, presenting complex harmonies and melodies with a pop sensibility that easily connects with audiences. The Smooth Jazz Ride has described the album by saying, "So many moods, so many textures, all of superior quality. Here’s an album that should surely seize your 'That’s it' moment many times throughout the release."



2014: Evenings on the Coast released

This album was inspired by many evenings spent playing piano in a small city on the California coast, while the sun went down over the keys.  CD’s and MP3’s are available at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and wherever music is sold.




2012: Forest Vision released

My album Forest Vision is a collection of relaxing ballads and several uptempo songs, with a gentle, nature-inspired feeling throughout.  The Smooth Jazz Ride described it as offering “tasteful, subdued easy sounds to coax away the tensions of the day.”  The album is available as MP3’s or a physical CD at iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and Facebook.  Or, before you buy, you can DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLE TRACKS from the album, at my Noisetrade page.