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I perform and compose contemporary jazz piano, as well as some classical music. I am classically trained, having studied with pianist Gloria Cheng and composer Miguel del Aguila. My writing combines inspiration from jazz greats such as Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock with modern influences from smooth jazz, pop, and folk music.

Listen to my music

Click here to listen to my jazz piano music, including my four original albums, and various singles and covers.

Praise for my 2024 single, "Subway People"

"'Subway People' exudes class and jazziness, particularly with its standout keys. The playing is simply amazing, with mesmerizing melodies, progressions, and impressive solos that captivate the listener. The tones are rich and chill, creating a relaxed atmosphere. The drums provide a smooth backdrop, contributing to the overall polished sound. The mix and master on the keys are spot-on, offering a full and lush listening experience." --Brunch Collect

"[The] single is truly exceptional, and Herbie Hancock's influence is clearly felt." --Jazz in Family

"[It is] very bright and upbeat, cool engaging piano line and soft confident percussion, smooth development, clear balanced sound." --Elena Glosoli

"[Nicholas's] musical prowess is truly remarkable. The way [he weaves] together melodies and harmonies in this piece is nothing short of extraordinary." --Best jams

"The cadence of the piece is masterfully executed, with each phrase flowing seamlessly into the next, creating a sense of fluidity and motion that is utterly entrancing. There's a sense of forward momentum that propels the listener ever onward, like a gentle breeze guiding them through a tranquil forest." --Showland Productions

"The energy and mood [he's created] through [his] music is remarkable, and the improvisational solos are indeed well realized, testifying to great musical talent and impressive technical mastery." --Sober Records

"I really like the atmosphere of the song, it's a really beautiful sound and it transmits a nice emotion. The sound is really round and all the elements are produced really well together." --Virgi_Talks

Listen to Subway People here.

"Inner City Rhythm" was a Finalist in the 2023 UK Songwriting Contest

The track won Five Stars, was a Semi-Finalist, and one of seven Finalists.

UK Songwriting Contest Finalist Certiciate.jpg

"Cascades" was a Finalist in the 2021 Great American Song Contest

The track from Blue Horizon received recognition in the Instrumental category.

"That Old Fair Is in Town" was a Semi-Finalist in the 2021 UK Songwriting Contest

The track from my Blue Horizon album won Five Stars and reached the Semi-Finalist round of the UK Songwriting Contest.

UKSC 2021 Certificate.jpg

Results of the 2021 SongDoor International Songwriting Competition

Two tracks from Blue Horizon received awards in the Instrumentals category: "Elevation" was a Finalist and "Smooth Landing" received Honorable Mention.

Blue Horizon cover.jpg

I released this album on 1/21/22. It contains 12 of my original contemporary jazz pieces.

Blue Horizon cover.jpg

I have released four albums of original contemporary jazz piano. On the first three, in addition to playing piano, I also play bass, electric piano, organ, and other instruments, along with the Apple Logic Pro X Drummer and some drum loops. The latest album, Blue Horizon, features guitarist Craig Hall, bassist Dan Koloski, and drummer Jim O'Sullivan.

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