I hold a B.A. in Rhetoric from U.C. Berkeley.  I wrote numerous essays for the major, as well as news stories for KALX 90.7fm, Berkeley's college radio station, and the cover story on my dolphin studies for the U.C. Education Abroad Program's World Magazine.  After graduating, I took up writing fiction, and have since written over 50 short stories and a novel.

Latest News:

Winter 2020

My short story, "Sylmar," was published in the health-related online literary journal, Please See Me. It is about a mental patient obsessed with his ever-impending discharge from a state hospital to a step-down facility in Sylmar, and what happens when he makes it there.

September 2016

My debut novel, A Character in Reality, has been released.  Buy the e-book now for only $3.99, or the paperback for $12.99.  Learn more here.

July 2016

My debut novel, A Character in Reality, is now available for pre-order, at the guaranteed lowest price of only $2.99.  Learn more here.

June 2016

My short story "To Know," a brief meditation on dying involving a yoga teacher, has been published in Indiana Voice Journal.  Read it here.



I have released my debut collection of short stories, The Passion of Jazz and Other Short Stories, on Smashwords.  The collection delves into finding beauty and love in unexpected places.  It begins by following two young classical music proteges who discover their passion for jazz and for each other at a summer music academy, and who meet fifteen years later and have to face the potential relationship they lost. In "No One There to Listen," a family vacation to the Grand Canyon goes horribly wrong, with the family members unable to express their love for each other until it is too late. In "Grandfather's Gift," a man has to lose everything to discover the love behind a gift his grandfather sent him from beyond the grave. In "Lost in the Woods," two American study abroad students in England have a harrowing time lost in a wood on their way home from Dublin, creating an unlikely bond between them.  Finally, in "Sleep," a man with schizophrenia traverses the forensic mental health system and finds that sleeping his time away serves as a strangely beautiful coping skill.


The collection is available for free at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and many other online ebook retailers.  If you enjoy it, please consider leaving a review.