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I write literary fiction that has been published in multiple literary journals. I find inspiration from interesting ideas and narrative structures that move me to want to tell stories. Sometimes they are based on memorable events and people in my life, sometimes they illuminate a particular concept that interests me, or sometimes they arise just from an eye for the comedic.

My fiction

Click here to read my short fiction, which has been published in Barzakh MagazineThe Headlight Review, Ginosko Literary Journal, Please See Me, Indiana Voice Journal, and Pilcrow & Dagger.

"The Story of a Story" published in Barzakh Magazine

My fiction, "The Story of a Story," was published in the Winter 2023 issue. It has a meta structure that makes readers question how and why they read fiction, by presenting and commenting on a character who leads a double-life behind his wife's back.

"Dial-a-Bird" published in The Headlight Review

My humorous short story, "Dial-a-Bird," about a cleaning service run by owls and staffed by various bird species, which leaves something to be desired when Billy the parrot calls to request their services.

Ginosko Fall 2021 Cover.jpg

"The Central String" published in the Ginosko Literary Journal

My short story, "The Central String," was published on pages 33-37 of the Ginosko Literary Journal Fall 2021 issueThe name "Ginosko" comes from a Greek word meaning recognition of truth from experience. My story fits with this theme, in that during the protagonist's younger years he focuses on the negative and does not appreciate his parents' love. Then life experience teaches him that love is the central string to which everything around it resonates.

"Sylmar" published in Please See Me

My short story, "Sylmar," was published in the Winter 2020 issue of the health-related journal, Please See MeIt is about a mental patient obsessed with his ever-impending discharge from a state hospital to a step-down facility in Sylmar, and what happens when he makes it there.

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