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Welcome to my ESLIM Blog

Welcome to my Environmental Science, Literature, and Music Blog. In this blog, I hope to unite my three major career interests. Depending on my mood, I will post musings that hopefully share insights into these fields, and the connections between them, or sometimes maybe the lack of connections.

A little about my background: I hold two B.A.’s from U.C. Berkeley in Ecology and Rhetoric. These majors cover my interests in the hard science behind environmental protection, as well as communicating clearly in written and spoken word. I have also studied piano and music composition with numerous private teachers ever since I was 10 years old, so I have an in-depth understanding of theory, ensembles, and musical languages in general. I have released three contemporary jazz albums, published a collection of short stories, and worked as an environmental consultant in Los Angeles.

I hope to contribute based on these experiences to the blogosphere, bringing together diverse interests in hopefully an entertaining way.

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