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Review of No Explanations

This interesting science fiction novel by Karen Reis follows the adventures of Captain Samantha Stone, an autistic ship’s captain, who takes on an attractive staff member for her ship, Andrei. Throughout the novel, Stone’s unique and unusual perspectives on life mix with brilliant insights, such as when she says “My personal opinion is simple: just be kind. Since I had no way of making people follow that advice, I just chose to think about things I could control, like my dinner.” Another insight is when Andrei remembers Samantha told him “‘everyone has some sort of disability or handicap or something about them, brought on by genetics or environment or tragedy.’” Coming from Samantha, this is a powerful reminder that as humans we all have problems we must face and overcome, whether diagnosed or not, incapacitating or otherwise. Along the way, Samantha and Andrei end up a couple, but have to take on a terrorist group that attacks different planets. In so doing, they discover what makes the love they have for each other so strong, even strong enough to overcome the limitations of Samantha’s disorder.

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