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Review of Love Hurts

This excellently crafted book by Russell Taylor revolves around the premise laid out in the prologue, that love “doesn’t have an ending. It has a clearly defined beginning, but it never stops, not real love.” This sentiment initially appears accurate and beautiful, but over the course of the novel the reader comes to understand that such love even withstands the worst of crimes, setups, and misfortunes. The protagonist, Will Travers, stumbles on the small village of Quil Marsh, on his way to the countryside to find inspiration for his crime novel writing. He takes a position to help the eight villagers apply for town status, but soon finds that each of them has a secret past. He meets the last person to hold his position, Laura, and falls deeply in love with her, giving her a copy of one of his novels to try to have its characters reflect his love. He comes to feel he must rid Laura of her violently abusive husband, Sam, by manifesting the plots and characters of his novels in reality. In the end, Laura is the one who brings to life the plot of the novel Will had given her, causing him great misfortune--and yet after this he still loves her. Even with the most miseries, the worst hurts created by love, his love for her endures, and he holds out a strong hope that one day they will be together again. Overall, the book is well-written, with strong descriptions, a powerful prose style, and suspenseful chapter endings that make the reader want to continue reading the next chapter.

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